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Pole Fitness Classes for all levels

Full Metal Pole Dance and Fitness hold classes for all levels, from the beginner pole dancer to to the advanced athlete. Our classes are created with flexibility in mind including casual classes, pole block classes and private classes available. In addition to Full Metal’s pole fitness classes, the studio also has a range of allied classes available (including flexibility, acro, spin pole and dance choreography workshops).


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“This is the real deal! Congrats Tamara and Andrew! 
Totally worth a go... a brilliant and passionate instructor, incredible facility, nothing but class and quality”

- Cat Spencer

“Tamara gets it! You want a place to grow your pole skills at your own pace (yes she understands you work full time and run a house) so you also need a supportive and relaxed environment to just be yourself for an hour. 💃 Beautiful studio 💚”


“Tamara is amazing, very knowledgeable and skilled!! Highly recommend!!!”


“I highly recommend Tamara as an instructor... she is encouraging, fun and has the perfect balance between a bit of pushing to reach your potential without the lessons being way too serious/formal. I have always found Tamara to care about what you as an individual want to achieve and she will support that 100% as opposed to over-structured/regimented lessons that I have also experienced and not enjoyed half as much. If I was still living in the area, I’d be a regular and will certainly drop in for a casual session if ever I’m passing through or stopping in Rocky. If you are new to pole and thinking about giving it a go then book in here... I’m confident you will have no regrets!”

- Samantha Caden

“I can’t wait to visit rocky and do some causal classes! A dedicated and skillful instructor!”


“I always thought pole wasn’t for me, but Tamara is someone who made me immediately feel comfortable in the studio, who is encouraging and makes everything fun even when you can barely do anything on the pole yet. She’s made pole something I believe I can do and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!”


“Tonight I tried my first ever pole class with Full Metal and it was amazing! Such a lovely instructor and the small class size meant I got plenty of assistance whilst trying to learn new moves. Will definitely be continuing lessons and would recommend that anyone who is interested in giving it a go should pop down and check it out!!

Thank you so much for helping me to realise that I am capable of taking part in such a fun sport ❤️”



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